Accountants Professional Liability Insurance


Arbanas & Associates offers coverage from some of the largest and most respected companies in the industry with all carrying an insurance industry rating of “Excellent” or higher.  Whether you are a sole proprietor or have millions of dollars in firm billings, with over 26 years in professional liability, we can find the coverage that is right for your firm.




·          Limits to $10,000,000

·          Deductibles as low as $500

·          Claims expenses in addition to the indemnity limit of liability

·          First dollar defense so the deductible does not apply to defense costs

·          Per claim and aggregate deductibles

·          Prior acts coverage

·          Coverage for subpoena expenses

·          Coverage for disciplinary proceedings defense

·          Coverage for punitive damages

·          Loss prevention hotlines

·          Loss prevention courses

·          Premium financing available



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(Not all policies provide all the features noted above.  Please review any proposal and policy carefully for the actual features and coverages offered.)