Directors & Officers Liability Coverage


Directors and Officers (D&O) liability coverage provides protection against suits arising from allegations of wrongful acts committed in one’s capacity as a director or officer of a corporation or other entity.  Corporate scandals are frequently in the news lately, and this has increased the public’s expectations causing a rise in litigation against companies’ boards of directors and officers.


Available for:

Non-profit organizations

Privately held companies


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Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Workplace fraud and embezzlement are on the rise.  Statistics show it is the long-time employee who often commits the theft; and when you think about it, it is the trusted staff member that would be allowed access to the information that would make it possible for them to steal from you. Employee Dishonesty Insurance protects the employer from financial loss due to the fraudulent activities of an employee.  Some policies also cover theft by your employees from third parties – like your clients – an important coverage extension if your staff has access to client funds.


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Employment Practices Liability Insurance


Employment related claims have been increasing. Hiring discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful discharge are some of the exposures facing companies today.  Employers lose 60% of cases that go to court with the median award being over $200,000.  Out-of-court settlements average $40,000.  In this environment, no employer can afford to be without this coverage.


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Fiduciary Liability Coverage


ERISA – the federal law that governs employee benefit plans - includes strict guidelines for fiduciaries and failure to comply can result in lawsuits brought against the sponsor organization and the individual fiduciaries by present and former employees, beneficiaries and government agencies.  Even with participant-directed plans, fiduciaries still have an exposure for wrongful acts in selection of investment options, monitoring the investments and keeping employees aware of the options.  The individuals who administer these plans are often unaware they are subject to liability that puts their personal assets at risk.  If you offer your employees benefits, you need this coverage.


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