Arbanas & Associates has impressed us with their prompt and professional attention to our needs.  Our firm gets involved with client projects needing specialized valuation services.  When I call Arbanas about our coverage on these projects, they are quick to understand our needs and quick to respond.


Rick Adamy

Adamy & Company, P.C.





We have been a client of Arbanas & Associates for 14 years.  They have always been very professional.  Whenever we have a question they are very responsive in returning our call with an answer within a short period of time.  We are provided with several options through different carriers and they assist us in determining which insurance policy best fits our needs.  In addition, they work with us to help us understand the workings of our insurance policy.  We highly recommend Arbanas & Associates for your insurance needs.


Richard G. Williams, Jr.

Polk and Associates, P.L.C.





Arbanas & Associates had been calling on me for a number of years to quote on our firmís professional liability insurance with me always giving them the same answer - that I had always been with and continued to stay with AICPA AON.  In 2005 after 35 years with the AICPA program I felt it time to seek quotes from other reputable carriers.  Arbanas & Associates was one of the 6 or so I requested to provide quotes.  I donít recall at this time if Sue provided the lowest quote but she certainly spent the time to make sure our coverage would be equal to or better than what we had with the AICPA and I know the policy premium we obtained was substantially less than we had been paying.  Sue was very conscientious and attentive during the quote process and continues the excellent service after the sale. 


Clifton F. Powell, Jr.





We have had a very good working relationship with Arbanas & Associates.  They have been very professional and have treated the few claims we have had with utmost care.  It is great having Sue taking charge and getting things done on a very timely basis.  This allows us to continue on with our work without interruption.  We highly recommend them for your insurance needs.


David F. Rea

Rea & Shoemaker, P.C.





Sue welcomed a head-to-head comparison of policies, and she ended up reducing my premium while increasing my coverage.  What more could I ask for?  Iíve been with Sue for almost 20 years now, and she continues to give me superb service.  Sue isnít just good, sheís good enough to brag about.


Richard C. Fairchild

Fairchild, Lebel & Rice, P.C.





When you need professional liability insurance, Arbanas & Associates is the company to contact.  They will guide you through the various options that are available and provide you with a quick response to any issues that you need to address.


Mitchell K. Simon

Mitchell K Simon, CPA, P.C.





I have been a client for more than 10 years and will remain so until I retire.  The courtesy and professionalism that I am treated with is invaluable to me and my firm.  Knowing that I am taken care of allows me to do my job without worry and if a claim ever arose I would have competent, professional people in my corner.


Denice L. Vitale

Slifko & Associates, Inc.





Arbanas & Associates has been our agency for professional liability insurance for several years.  We believe that they have always worked very diligently on our behalf to provide us with the proper insurance coverage and to place us with a strong and reputable company.  However, what I really like is that when I call Arbanas & Associates, it is usually Sue Arbanas who answers the call and is able to answer my inquiries immediately.  Sue is extremely knowledgeable of the professional liability insurance market, especially the small print contained within the numerous policies.  These are the main reasons I enjoy working with Arbanas & Associates.


Barry M. Grant, CPA

Grant, Millman & Johnson, P.C.





We have had our professional liability insurance coverage written through Arbanas & Associates since 1993.  During these past years, we have been very pleased with the prompt, professional service Sue and her team have provided.  They have done a very good job of responding quickly and completely to our inquiries of them.  They also strive to provide us with quality coverage at competitive prices.


Dale L. Vanderwal

Kalcher, Vanderwal & Torrey, P.C.





Arbanas & Associates has always responded quickly, courteously and professionally to our insurance needs.  I would strongly recommend them.


Richard J. Cullar

Cullar & Associates, P.C., CPAís





We have bought our professional liability insurance through Arbanas & Associates for many years.  Sue Arbanas has always been responsive, understood the needs of our small but specialized firm, and searched for the best coverage at the best price.


Robert F. Winnick

Bordman & Winnick CPAís





Iíve known Sue for 15 years.  The service has been excellent with many suggestions to keep the cost somewhat reasonable.  I would definitely recommend her agency.


Jim Olson

J. Olson & Associates





Susan Arbanas has been handling our professional liability insurance for several years and we are completely happy with both the service and the insurance companies she represents.  We have had one claim over the years and she was very helpful in bringing it to a successful conclusion.  We highly recommend her and her company.


Paul G. Quenneville

Quenneville & Associates, P.L.L.C., CPAís





It is with great delight that I offer my high recommendation of Arbanas & Associates Insurance Agency.  Their knowledge of the CPA profession and ability to provide expert advice on numerous issues has provided our firm with great peace of mind for over ten years now.  We truly appreciate their consistently friendly, responsive and knowledgeable service.


Thomas Haggerty

Thomas R. Haggerty, CPA, P.C.





Rumsey & Watkins, P.C. has been a client of Arbanas & Associates for over ten years.  Sue Arbanas and her staff are very knowledgeable of the liability insurance industry.  Their customer service is first rate.  They are very prompt at returning phone calls and answering questions.  We trust Arbanas & Associates to handle our liability insurance needs.


R. David Rumsey

Rumsey & Watkins, P.C.